What are ways to prevent plaque?!

Question: What are ways to prevent plaque?
Besides scraping with the tounge scraper.


Brushing and flossing. Brush your tongue (careful not to go too far back-it can make you gag). Avoid sugary treats and drinks. Tea seems to help reduce the formation of plaque, as does drinking fluids to keep your mouth moist. Some foods will help clean teeth after a meal, such as eating an apple, but then rinse the sweet out of your mouth with clear water if you can't or won't brush. Some of the multiformula toothpastes help. Try Colgate Total, or Crest Pro-Health. Some feel using a mouth wash helps. Ask you dentist if this is a problem for you.


Regular brushing and flossing, of course, but also drinking plenty of water through the day can help prevent plaque from forming.

Breath through your nose because keeping your mouth open can dry it out and cause plaque build-up.

Drink lots of water.

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