Do I have a cavity or not?!

Question: Do I have a cavity or not?
I was just looking in the mirror and I saw a little white spot In the center of my molar. I don't know if it is just the beginning of a cavity or the actual thing. It doesn't really hurt unless I press down on it hard.


Cavities are not white. They're brown or blackish. Chances are if you had one, you'd feel it long before you noticed it. White spots can occur for any number of natural reasons from genetics to staining and tooth wear caused by certain foods. They're a perfectly normal part of tooth aging and nothing to worry about. Just remember to point it out to your dentist at your next cleaning, and they'll advise you if you should perhaps switch to another brand of toothpaste or brush differently to avoid any unnecessary wear.

It's most likey the beginning of a cavity because you'd experiance discoloration and lots of pain if it was a full blown cavity. It's best to consult a dentist now while it's still early.

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