I used to have twin blocks but I couldn't speak so I never wore them at sch!

Question: I used to have twin blocks but I couldn't speak so I never wore them at school and then my jaw never moved ?
So I faked that my jaw was moving when I went to the ortho so she took them of and my overbite is still there, I see now I was stupid and want to try them again what should I do?


Of course it is still there, you never wore them and assumed correctly that it had stopped moving into the correct position. You were meant to wear them and as you got more used to them you would have been able to wear them without any problems with speech etc.

Now the problem is that when she took them off she probably could tell whether you had been wearing them or not by markings, tightness of fit etc etc. You are only funded for one course of NHS orthodontics and sadly you will probably get no help with further treatment now.

It is very likely that any further treatment will need to funded privately.
Ask your parents to pay for the next course of treatment.

Such a shame to waste a resource like that and take and have treatment that you did not follow through. I wonder how many people are on the waiting list in your area?

twin block ; go to your dentist and explain her that you had a problem about speech ,so you did not wear the twin bock .why iam telling this to do is because your dentist may get confused and may think for opting a surgery as she did not get a result for this twin block

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