hey:) okay so, i got my braces on 4 days ago and...?!

Question: Hey:) okay so, i got my braces on 4 days ago and...?
my teeth are moving insanely fast. like crazily fast. its weird.
i got the damon system, and i love it because i have a lot of crowding and through this no teeth will have to be pulled.
my mouth also hurt pretty bad at first, but now i can eat normally, it's not that bad.

my question is, why are my teeth moving so fast?! like, i had a lot of crowding on the bottom and already the teeth are pretty straight except for my two canines which jutted out a lot before. now theyre less prominent and are being moved too. my top teeth were BARELY crowded and now theyre like perfect.

what the heck?! haha its been 4 days! and my ortho says its gonna take 18 months... so what is happening!?


when you just get your braces on, they deffs move your teeth right away! it will probably hurt a bit or alot, depends on where your teeth are to where they are moving, but it basically takes a month or 2 to straighten your teeth. the braces need to stay on for about 18 or so months because they need to do little tweaks, and make sure your teeth wont move back. if you had braces for only a month, your teeth would not be ajusted to wher ethe braces have moved them, and they would move back. this is why you get the retainer after your braces come off, because over time your teeth can still move back to where they started but the retainer will be like temporary/removable braces for when the hard job is done.

You get the best orthodontist who can make damon system work so fast. You should be happy with that.

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