for what is Metrogyl Denta used for?can it be used for a small injury on my Tong!

Question: For what is Metrogyl Denta used for?can it be used for a small injury on my Tongue?
there are small white bumps on my tongue,when i eat,it hurts like hell...i am not sure if that one can be used for that?


Those sorts of bumps can occur if you party too hard, smoke too much and drink alcohol too excess but I know you don't do any of that because you never leave home and only shop on ebay so the only other, or at least one other cause could be from eating too may salty cashew or peanuts or chips.

I'd suggest you stop whatever you are doing and just have soup for the next few days with much water consumption. It goes away after about a week, without medication.

If you prefer the medication then (refer first link) -
"Used for a number of different conditions, Metrogyl is an anti-infective drug combating bacterial infections. Rosacea, stomach ulcers and dental infections are some of the common reasons for use of Metrogyl. It is administered in the form of a tablet, powder, topical cream, suppository or intravenous injection depending on where the infection manifests.

Side effects may include -
nausea / constipation / bloating / dizziness / headache / vomiting / insomnia / diarrhea / fatigue .……

its used as an antibiotic for anearobic infections...

yes is it can be used again infection on ur tongue

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