okay so i just looked in the mirror and my teeth were totally fine yesterday but today my two front teeth have like two darkish but not too dark but kinda noticeable lines like halfway up them, WTF IS WRONG WITH MY TEETH?! im freaking out.


Dont listen to that guy, there's no such thing as "dentiscular cancer" because teeth aren't made of cells. It is just plaque, try brushing and flossing twice a day. It will go away.

This is a sign of gum cancer. Usually you can tell it's in it's early stages if it hurts a bit but you can't always feel it. The blackness will usually mean that the cancer is in it's early-late stages and it will soon spread if you don't go to a doctor. The cancer, if not treated well can reach your brain and that can become a huge problem that can't really be fixed. Hopefully doctors can help you with this before it spreads too much.

I am a dental expert.

Hey, i get that too! It's usually only really noticiable in the night and morning for me.
Idk what it is, but my dentist has never said anything about it. My hygientist said i have great teeth.
So i think it's normal. :)

Get in a cool powersports accident, or something that would have an awesome story to tell everyone why you are getting veneers. Or just brush yo teef

Sounds like dentiscular cancer.

The sound like stains. Try a peroxide toothpaste.

go to the dentist asap.

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