Am i supposed to sleep in my retainer?!

Question: Am i supposed to sleep in my retainer?
I got my braces of March 1, and the orthodontist told me to wear them all the time, except when eating, drinking things other than water, and when i brush it and my teeth. when i had my braces, i had to wear a bite guard, because i would grind my teeth in my sleep. i have noticed when i take out my retainer to eat, er whatever, some parts of it, (mainly my back teeth) aren't clear anymore - they're kind of a white color. i think i have been biting on it in my sleep. what should i do? And also, through out the day, i find my self, absently, taking my bottom retainer and popping it off with my tongue, then putting it back on. Is that bad? My best friend also does that and shes had her retainer since January, and i don't think shes ever had a problem with them. So, help? Thanks.


i always pop my retainer on and off. it's kind of a habit. i can do it with the top and the bottom. my friend does it too. i think everybody who has retainers pops it off with out tongues. contact your orthodontist about the teeth grinding part though.

Yes you are. You can take your retainer off when you eat and when you brush your teeth.

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