My teeth feel loose...please answer?!

Question: My teeth feel loose...please answer?
I'm having terrible pains in mouth.
My gums are really sore and bleed.
Plus I have cavities and my wisdom teeth are coming in.
My teeth feel loose like I said.
Is this gum disease? Infection?
and now my tonge is getting tingly and is getting numb including the side of my face and neck.
not to mention one of my front tooth turned to a different direction when I was flossing the other day and now part like underneath the gums I can see like a lil decay.

I haven't been to the dentist in years since I have no health insurance.
I'm rinsing out with warm salt water as I speak.
this is what I get for drinking so much soda :(


Your case sounds really serious. Normally when your teeth are loose, it's probably because you have advanced periodontitis and bacteria had penetrated deep under your gum causing bone loss. You have to go to a periodontist ASAP or you'll lose your teeth. It'll cost a lot but you may be able to save your teeth.

This happened to my boyfriend too! His front tooth became really loose and the gum was all red and swollen. When u have gum disease the swelling makes the tooth loose in it's socket and it actually starts to recede down!
Best thing to do is get some mouth was and kill any germs in there.
Electric toothbrushes are great too they do a way better job then just brushing.
I got my boyfriend to use the electric toothbrush and start floss in and his teeth are fine now :)
Hope that helps

i think the best thing is to go to a dentist even if you dont have their insurance and ask around to see what can be done. yes, it sounds like you have gum disease of some sort.
i would recommend flossing, as this strengthens gums although at first it makes them bleed a lot, but your problem sounds more serious, so see a dentist or doctor.

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