why is my canine tooth like this?!

Question: Why is my canine tooth like this?
my right canine tooth sticks out more than my right, on the side its like ive lost abit of my tooth, but i know i haven't because i would of know, can someone help me?


Your canine could be naturally sticking out, as it is rare anyone is born with perfectly straight teeth.
As for the missing part, it is very possible. If you eat hard food, drink strong drinks such as energy drinks or coke with out brushing for long periods of time, it can cause cracks to appear, which can then lead to loss of a section of your tooth.

The best thing would be to pay the dentist a visit and discover whether its broken or just oddly shaped. If broken you need to get it filled and if its just oddly shaped you could leave it or have braces fitted to straighten them out.

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