if you cant afford to go to the dentist, what should you do to protect your teet!

Question: If you cant afford to go to the dentist, what should you do to protect your teeth?
hi. im 16 and one day i would like to work in the film business. which basically means ill have no money and probably wont be able to afford the dentist.

so what should i do to keep my teeth nice and healthy? i brush my teeth regularly and have started to floss a little bit.

any tips would be great


Brushing your teeth well is vital to keeping your teeth and gums in good shape. Make sure you are angling the bristles of the brush at 45 degrees into the pocket of your tooth (where the gums and the tooth meet) because this is where a lot of bacteria and food hides. It is also vital to floss by making a c-shape around the tooth and moving the floss up and down the edge of the tooth several times on each side of the tooth. Refrain from doing a "shoe shine" because this can damage your gums and wear your enamel down. Choosing a good toothpaste is also important. Choosing toothpastes with Flouride (particularly NaF) will help remineralize your teeth and prevent demineralizing so your enamel will remain cavity free. If you are wanting whitening toothpastes look for something with calcium, tin or aluminum compounds, but these may feel grainy. Other products in toothpastes to look for are Triclosan (antigingivitis), zinc citrate trihydrate or tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (anticalculus). An important thing to do after you brush is NOT to rinse with water or a mouth rinse because then all the reactive agents don't have the time to do their job because they are washed away. If you like chewing gum there are gums with xylitol (usually found in sugar free trident) which also help remineralize your smile!

These tips are not a replacement for going regularly to the dentist or dental hygienist but they may help you until you can afford to see one.

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Use mouthwash daily.

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