What makes teeth whiter please read ?!

Question: What makes teeth whiter please read ?
im getting my braces off soon hopefully and i want to whiten my teeth a little more
what are good toothe pastes or helpfull things
That WONT taste nasty something natural


You can try colgate or crest whitening tooth brush. In a week your teeth might whiten. Or just buy the crest whitening strips. They may be expensive, but it works and better then cheaper than getting your teeth whitened at the dentist.

I just got my braces off too. I have yellow teeth and I tried the tooth paste and crest whitening stips together and it was a miracle. It worked!

I smoke and dip so my teeth get gain that nastey yellow plaque faster than mose but I use Sensodyne Extra Teeth Whitening and it works actually pretty well but a tad bit more expensive than other brands like Colgate but who can complain about a few extra bucks for white teeth. Hope you find this useful.

I kno this probly isnt tht useful to u bit just plain brushing them works
Also u cn get a dentist to do it for u but tht cost money and takes more time

Common sense

The orthodontist will clean your teeth after removing the braces. If you still want them whiter, Crest White Strips are the best.

any whittening toothpaste just do fine but dont put too much paste will fade your whiten teeth...just little ok....

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