Work Experience: Shall i do it?!

Question: Work Experience: Shall i do it?
My school doesn't offer this but i could go out of my way and do it.
Do you think its worth it?
thanks alot.


Of course it's worth it. It will help you immensely when you fill in your personal statement for entry into university. In fact, they say that it's essential to do it, because by gaining work experience, universities know that you know what it's like to be in a working environment where you are set tasks that is your responsibility to complete by yourself, and they will know if you're independent and trustworthy. It will also be a great help when you do actually get a job in the future as it won't be such a new environment to you.

Start early and you will gain many benefits and experiences in your life. =)

If this is a career area that interests you in the future then you would benefit from work experience in the field. Many large surgeries will help people with this if you are polite and make face to face contact when dropping in a letter and making an enquiry whether it is possible.

i think work experience is always a good thing to have. even if it is only slightly related to what you later want to do, its still worth something.

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