I just lost a tooth what do I do with it?!

Question: I just lost a tooth what do I do with it?
I lost my tooth a couple a minuets ago what do I do with it


1)Clean it keep it in a memory box
2) wait for money under ur pillow!
3) chuck it away! in the bin it gose!
4) make a neckalce no1 will touch it tho!
5) glue it bak in ur mouth :D maybe not

hah :D i enjoyed this :D

How old are you? you can clean it and keep it as a memory. I have my 4 wisdom tooth.

Put it under your pillow, the tooth fairy will come.

Leave it for the tooth fairy and maybe you will get some money.

You lost it? I believe not! It was the treacherous tooth fairy that stole it!

throw it on the roof and if you are livin in a storybuildingg all the same do away with it

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