Hole in tooth?????????!

Question: Hole in tooth?????????
When i brushed my teeth today i found there is a hole in one of my tooth. After i brushed it i had this hole about the top half of my tooth on the outside of the tooth. It does not hurt at all and was wondering what it was. im thinking it is a cavity and plan on calling the dentists monday to Schedule an appt


Did you have a filling in that tooth before? The filling may have fallen out.
Or you possibly broke your tooth (cracked), or it has been gradually getting bigger as a cavity, and you just noticed it.
See you dentist ASAP because the nerve could be close to being exposed and that could hurt so baaaaaaaaaaad! Or you may be risk losing what is left of your tooth!

dental assistant

NEAR THE GUMLINE? facing your cheek? thats called the buccal (buckle)- soundex. surface. On top of the tooth, is called occsal(o-clue-sol) surface and if you tongue can touch it when ur mouth is close it called lingual surface. A hole? on the buccal-you won't even need any shot for that-really easy filling to fill, quick and mostly caused from get this...brushing TOO HARD. THE top part-the occusal. a hole? not so great. the bigger it gets the more money you will fork out and a untreated occusal tooth for lets say 6 months you will need a root canal. no, no. after you pay about 800 for that,,ooh then comes the crown, and that's another 800$. I had a hole that looked like....... > * < THAT OK. WITH IN 6 MONTHS TO 9 MONTHS THAT LIL * LOOKED LIKE A "0" FILLED IN. AND I HAD TO GET A ROOT CANAL. FLOSS, KEEP FLOSSING GO TO UR LOCAL COLLEGE AND GO THE DENTAL PROGRAM, PAY 50$ AND GET IT DONE

dont let any sweets get in that hole it could cause a cavity unless you already have one. it could be cause be your filling falling out

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