Can i get braces after an implant? Will the implant move as well? See, I had bra!

Question: Can i get braces after an implant? Will the implant move as well? See, I had braces once and .......?

See, I had braces once and they were taken off in August 2009.

After that, I had an appointment to return in April 2010. They gave me my retainers, and I was like okay. But for some reason, honestly, some of my teeth went crooked but THANK GOD not as bad as before. Honestly, they're much better compared to the time BEFORE braces. They went crooked a bit, not severe. I got my braces with my missing tooth as well.

After braces, I never got the green light from my orthodontists on when to get the implant. Or i'm not sure, maybe he did but I either forgot perhaps. I'm guessing it's mostly my fault but I'm so negative about myself I always think that.

BUT ANYWHOO, I really wanted to know, if I want to get braces again in the near future, should I wait for the implant AFTER braces again? OR should I get the implant and then braces? Won't that make the gap of the missing tooth right there more wider or will it stay the same? Or does the implant move with the braces?

Overflow of questions, sorry but I gotta now.

I already had the appointment with the kind dental surgeon about the implant. He said I might need a bone graft first before implant but right now he's not sure, he's looking further i guess into the x-rays he took or something i'm not sure.


i tooo hve braces and liked had to remove like 8 teeth or sumthin in my case coz i had teeth over teeth...
after removing the top teeth they put me on the braces.AND yah the gaps looked horrible especially top ones we u laugh.anyway now after two years the gaps have reduce before i could put my finger between my the gaps but now i can hardly put my finger nail between them.
and let me tell u wen u hve the braces on ones, u got to have the patience of keeping them on till the processes is over other wise if u remove them before time they slowly take back their original position
so i suggest u go put ur braces on again as soon as possible...
Qs abt implant??dude ur back teeth take the place COZ THE BRACES HELP PUSHING THE BACK TEETH IN FRONT and the gaps arent seen after ur actualil BRACES PROCEDURE.
think abt it sweetie cooz teeth r like one of a man important part as u talk ,smile,laugh and eat with them....
okay so chill nd think over..

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