I want braces, but im scared they might hurt.?!

Question: I want braces, but im scared they might hurt.?
Im going to the orthodontist in a few days and i really want braces because my teeth are retarded, but im scared its going to hurt because they need to remove some of my teeth and replace them. Can someone give me some advice not to panic on the day. And btw what colour should i get?


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Getting braces doesn't hurt when your having them put on. I thought it would when I got mine for some reason. Later on they will start to hurt a little and feel loose. But strangely enough I quit enjoyed this feeling because it meant my teeth were moving and getting straighter, haha. After awhile I started looking forward to go back to have them tightened! But don't worry it doesn't hurt too bad. It's nothing like getting a appliance. I had to have that for several months before braces. They are designed to pull your jaw outward to create more jaw bone. Ouch!

When I had braces I thought light blue looked good. But don't forget you can two more than one color. Purple also sounds nice (:

ok so, with braces, when you first get them on you'll feel a dull pressure on your teeth, it's not unbareable, but after a while they'll hurt a little and you'll be scared to bite down because you'll think they're going to break off your teeth (they don't) hahaha, so you'll eat like, soup, soft foods, like, breads that can disolve in yoru mouth (don't do what i did and eat like, a slice of chicken and try and eat like chocolate montes)
when you get them make sure they give you wax so they don't cut up your gums, after a while your gums will get use to them and you won't notice them, they'll feel normal,

you'll be fine! it's not scarey getting them

I was so scared to get braces so I know what your going through! It's not that bad at all! I still have my braces on and quickly after you get them you don't ever know that they are there! You might have a little bit of pressure on your teeth but taking Tynonel will help! Also on the day when you get your braces take some Tynonel before so if it does start to hurt it wont be bad! I hope this helped!

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Alright. I got braces :) They only hurt after they put wire in and only for a few days but it's worth it.

Just remember to take some meds after or before they put the braces on.

Don't get any dark colors or it will look like you got something in your teeth and make your teeth look less white.

You should have braces if you have awful teeth that you want to have a beautiful smile when your braces off. Of course that you will feel funny and hurt but you will be fine in a few days that you will use them.

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