I'm worried about the effect of fluoride?!

Question: I'm worried about the effect of fluoride?
I'm seventeen, by the way.

The news keeps talking about how fluoride may be bad for us now. Until now, though, I never knew I drank fluoride in my water. I thought that was only the water people get from the tap, but I do drink Aquafina, which is basically tap water. I've researched it and it says fluoride is in it. I'm sincerely worried, because all the effects are scaring me. It says that it causes brittle bones (which I have noticed I have been getting very week bones for the last year or so, after I first started drinking Aquafina regularly...) Even though I constantly tell my mom about it, she tells me I'm fine. :\

It also says that it does something weird to your brain. Something having to do with aluminum binding to your brain, which causes alzheimer's.... I have noticed that my head constantly hurts, and sometimes I have memory problems. Could it be because of the fluoride? :(

Oh, and it also says that fluoride can actually make your teeth worse. What the heck?! *facepalm* I hate this.

Please, tell me I'm overreacting. I am about to have a full blown panic attack, because I'm severely worried.


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You're definitely over-reacting. You're fine.

dont worry.
the amount of flouride in bottled water or toothpastes is very less and cannot cause the problems you think you have started having.
10mg per day is the flouride required normally for the body.

mind games missy and i know tell ur mind that- "u want my good right then stop it i'll be "happy" and good if u stop doin such things if my mom says i m good then 4 sure it is she also has the same water....."

There's been fluoride in our drinking water my whole life and I'm perfectly fine and so are my teeth.

yes, you are over-reacting. Stop reading websites written by fools and national-enquirer level journalists.

if the water is drinkable from the tap where you live (I thought it was in America) then drink it and stop wasting money on bottled water. Which also creates a huge litter problem.

what do you mean 'weak bones'? Do you keep getting fractures? Are you eating properly - you need calcium.

go get a real book from the library about proper nutrition. If you have headaches, go to the doctor.

You are overreacting. Take a few deep breaths and relax. If the fluoride was going to have a bad effect on your teeth, it would have happened while your teeth were developing. So if you don't have white spots or streaks on your teeth, you are fine. Also, if you have them, it's just a cosmetic problem as this is a very mild form of fluorosis, your teeth will actually be more resistant to cavities because of it.

The levels of fluoride in our drinking water have not been shown to be levels that would be toxic to the brain, or cause brittle bones. Especially not at your age. Go out and have fun. If you have problems with memory, just practice and study more and you will develop your memory.


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