How common or rare is oral cancer?!

Question: How common or rare is oral cancer?
How common or rare is oral cancer?

I have what feels like a painless pin-point of a ulcer on my upper gum and I am seeing dentist Monday

Cancer is on my mind because I am having a cyst removed from the sole of my foot soon and that will be sent off to pathology for a cancer test

I am 50, former moderate drinker and former smoker.

I sort of would like to know how rare mouth cancer is. The sore or canker is just above my tooth on the surface of the gum.

I was clinically depressed earlier in the year following bereavement and oral hygiene wasn't at its best.


In 30 years I have seen 3 cases of's always distressing. However three in 30 yrs. means its not common...or I might just be lucky.

An ulcer that does not heal within 3 weeks should be investigated.

A non healing ulcer/lump/pimple on the gum ABOVE A TOOTH is probably an abscess which is draining, similar 2 a zit/pimple on your skin. This sounds similar 2 what you describe.

Factors which pre dispose to cancer are heavy drinkers who smoke...but unfortunately it can affect anyone


"In 2008, in the US alone, about 34,000 individuals were diagnosed with oral cancer. 66% of the time these will be found as late stage three and four disease."

its about 10% common..

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