tongue pain, there is a small bump on the left side of my tongue?!

Question: Tongue pain, there is a small bump on the left side of my tongue?
I got both my upper and lower left side wisdom teeth removed a couple of days ago and now my tongue hurts even when i talk or swallow. the bump is not colored. I am eating yogurt according to my mom's advice. should i visit my dentist again?


It may have been inured during the procedure (small laceration) or could be rubbing in a different way that was protected by the original wisdom teeth or in response to swelling. If it continues to get worse or lasts more than a week with the same discomfort go back.

I have Just had an hour in the dentists chair removing an old filling, when your gum is numbed ,
the dentist is inclined not on purpose to touch your tongue with hes utensils whilst doing hes job inside your mouth,and when the numbness wears of you will feel the bumps which will disappear after a few days ok ,

If it is not coloured, then it's likely you have bitten your tongue - especially as you would have been numb. Nothing to worry about. You can get cold sores on your tongue, which are pretty painful, but they do tend to be white in colour - but again perfectly fine!

I don't think it's something to worry about. I get them sometimes when i bite my tongue on accident. It sounds like the dentist might have made a little cut on accident and now you got a bump if i was you
I wouldn't worry about it.

Don't bother with the dentist. You probably bit your tongue when you were numbed up. Nothing much he can do about that! But if you think it's NOT that, and have reason to feel that way, go see him. It's up to you.

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of liquids, at least 8 glasses a day.

every human in the world goes through this atleast 5 times , dont worry it will go through time , no need for a doctor

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