how to smile properly my smile is wierd?!

Question: How to smile properly my smile is wierd?
when i smile i wont let myself show my teeth and i dont mind about my teeth and i want a proper smile cause all of my friends can smile but i cant :/ please help me or give me some ideas on how to smile thanks xx


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It's all about tightening (and raising) your upper lips by pulling back your cheek muscles. Practice in front of a mirror.

I used to be the same, smiling without showing teeth, but now I solved the problem by being a miserable git and never smiling.

All I do is act like I'm in the middle of laughing and slightly open my lips a little more. The more natural your smile is, the better it will look. In my opinion, the smile people expect out of you is the smile you incur while laughing, aka when you are happy. :D

All i can say is practice makes perfect. Practice smiling in the mirror several times a day.

Just take a look at yourself when you smile naturally and mimic it when doing a fake one

Its your natural smile , and it cant be changed

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