Need information about braces quickly ! (:?!

Question: Need information about braces quickly ! (:?
Hello (:
I have appointment to orthodontist in 4 days. i Have already been to dentist to get all my fillings etc.
And i have a couple of questions. When I get to the orthodontist what will he/she do before i get my braces on ?. How many appointments at orthodontist will i have before i get the braces ?
And can you tell me everything about braces ?


Well they will do a consultation meaning that they would go over treatment fees, insurance, etc. Then after that, they will add spacers and expanders which would last for a month. Later, they will add the "wonderful" braces on!

On the first day, it does not feel bad but you can barely chew for a week. After suffering, they will add rubber bands on if you have an overbite or underbite (which may last 6 to 12 months, depending on how severe it is). After the rubber bands, it may a few more visits for your teeth and jaw to be aligned before removing braces. Once your braces are removed, you will have to wear a retainer 24/7 for 12 to 18 months. Always remove the retainer prior to eating and rinse it after.

Experience and currently wearing a retainer after two years of treatment

Well here is how mine went down.

At the beginning of December i had my first Orthodontist appointment. Basically they looked at my teeth and were trying to determine what i needed (expanders, braces, bands, ect.) they also took the x rays that day.
A few weeks later i came back and they showed uss the x rays and told us everything that would happen from therre on, so my momm paid the bill and scheduled all the appointments.
After a feww weeks, , i got my spacers/seperaters. Which is basically little bands between your teeth to make room for your braces.
Then my next appointment i will be getting braces. (:
So to narrow it down for you, i had about 3 appointments before i actually get braces :)
Oh and i really don't know much about them. I'll just tell you that when you get your spacers which should be soon, they don't hurt much they're just kindaa sore and you can't eatt hard foods and yeahh.
good luck!

I have a question like this :D But what they do is simple, you get an x-ray (you need to bite on this thing but it doesn't take too long) and they talk to you about your teeth. For myself I had that appointment and then after 4 weeks im am getting impressions (in 4 days now.) 2 weeks later i am getting my braces. Depending on what braces your gettin the appointment will take longer. I had christmas and new year between my appointments though so that might of affected it.

Good luck!!


With braces they hurt like anything! Sorry to say that...I just want u to know what your getting yourself into. ;)


They dont hurt that bad

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