Whitening teeth? naturally! PLEASE?!

Question: Whitening teeth? naturally! PLEASE?
I know you can whiten teeth with backing soda but can you do it with backing powder? Is it the same thing? If not is there any other way you can whiten your teeth naturaly?


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I brush with baking soda no more than 2 or 3 times per week andrinse or brush with hydrogen peroxide

I've been using a natural product I found on the web and I would for sure recommend it. I had tried a peroxide thing and got canker soars from it. The natural one I'm using now is made from neem by a guy in India who figured out how to extract some serious whitening properties from it. So far the tea stains I've had are just about gone and I've only been using it for about a week. This is the site I goit it from.


I've tried many things...gels, pastes, strips, pens, etc. But since I love my coffee and tea, it's been really hard to keep the teeth looking white. The easiest for me to use with a noticeble difference was the whitening pens.


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