Condition similar to oral thrush?!

Question: Condition similar to oral thrush?
So I just came down with the flu. the day before i had 4 canker sores 2 on the top lip and 2 on the bottom. then the next day there were a couple more. then the next day there was about 10 or 15 on the inside of my bottom lip and 5 on the top. along with 3 on the inside of my cheek. all of these were inside my mouth. I've looked at pictures of oral thrush. it looks like I have a mild case of it. but I haven't been taking any antibiotics. just ibuprofen and day/nyquil. But WTF is it? its really uncomfortable... how do i get rid of it?


again just like answer one go to the dr

prob cold sores and they can affect the inside of the mouth but do go for a check up with the dr

go to the chemist and ask for advice

hate to say it cold sores are contagious if u kissed her whilst u had a cold sore then u are most likely to catch them and always have the virus in you!!

aclivor cream is what you need

I cannot tell you what it is but I get canker sores and have seen thrush and you case doesnt seem like either. You need to go to the doctor. I do know that.

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