Teeth problem and other problem help ?!

Question: Teeth problem and other problem help ?
Okay my best friend have questions which needs to be answered.
1. She have a teeth out of alignment(you know what i mean right? - when the top teeth comes out of your mouth). Well hers she can still close her mouth and everything else normally. But its there any other way to get them in ? She will get braces in August so is there like a basic way of trying to push the teeth in?
2. Can she kiss ? Because she have a boyfriend and she doesn't know when hes going to kiss her and how her teeth that is out of alignment will effect the kiss ? So is it going to be normal like every kisses??

Thank Youu - please answer this questions for my best friend !!


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Only the dentist can get the teeth realigned through extensive braces treatment. It takes a while, depending on how much they need to move.

The way your teeth are don't affect kissing. We're all different (thank goodness), and all do it in slightly different ways.

ok she herself can not push her teeth back into alignment she will have to wait for her permanent brace

she will be able to kiss her b/f normally ,the first few kisses may be awkward not because of her teeth just because first kisses are!!

best wishes to you both

Kissing part will be weird and different at first, just needs some getting used to x

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