I have wisdom tooth for 5 year now and it never hurt me.?!

Question: I have wisdom tooth for 5 year now and it never hurt me.?
do i still need to take it out? I have 4 wisdom tooth and it is fully grown and it never hurt me at all.


It has to be clinically justified to remove any tooth therefore if all of your wisdom teeth are in upright and not causing you pain or decay then you wont need them out. No dentist will take out healthy teeth even if you request it nowadays. Count yourself lucky as you are one of a few to get good wisdom teeth,. Well Done.

I am a dental Nurse

The only reason to get a wisdom tooth pulled is if it's bothering you or if it's impacted. I had 3 impacted teeth (one was starting to bother me) and they took out all 4 at once.

If you have no problems - don't worry!

No need to take out a healthy tooth. Wisdom teeth can be difficult to keep clean, though, because of where they are, so make sure you work on keeping it free of decay and you'll have it forever.

pull that sucker out.

Common sense

no they only take them out if they are pushing on(or impacting) on the other teeth or decayed in a bad way

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