I have a partial on my front tooth...?!

Question: I have a partial on my front tooth...?
I have a half of a fake tooth in the front. About 14 yeas ago, when I was a kid, I broke it and had a partial put in. I just got dental insurance about a year or so ago, after not having it for ten years. I had a lot of work done in the last year, including getting my front partial drilled a little and resurfaced. ( I don't know the dental term..) Now about 7 months later, I have been having problems with it that I never had with the original partial. It is sensitive to the cold weather, and is very sensitive if I try to bite anything with it. I was told it would last about 2 years and I take care of my teeth. Could the dentist of possibly done something wrong? And would they pay for it/fix it if it is their mistake? I am guessing they most likely wont...


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When teeth are damaged from time to time the condition worsens. Check with the dentist first but you may also need to get a crown placed on top of the tooth.

But before all that try using Sensodyne first to see if that improves the sensitivity.

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