how long will i have to have braces for?!

Question: How long will i have to have braces for?
I have had 2 teeth pulled out on the top, one on each side if you get me my teeth are like this
2 teeth then a gap then 6 teeth then a gap then 2 teeth (hope that makes sense) i also have a tooth on the bottom which is sort of twisted :) just getting borded of them :) want to know how long, i have got left, i got my braces on the 18th august 2010 :)


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It all depends on how crooked/crowded your teeth are, I got mine about three weeks ago and I have to have mine on for 18 month, depending on how well the procedure goes and how fast they move. You probably only have a year left, maybe a little less :)

I was supposed to have then for a year and 6 months. It was a year and 7 months when I got them taken off. The average time for braces is about 2 years, but my friend had hers on for 5 years. It really depends on how fast your teeth move, and if you have any setbacks. By setbacks I mean if you break anything, it sets you back about a month. So if you break one appliance, it means that you have about another month wearing braces. Also, if your orthodontist tells you to wear anything like rubber bands, or other appliances that you can remove, MAKE SURE YOU WEAR THEM! It will take a lot longer for your teeth to move if you don't wear your appliances.

how long you have them on all depends on how fast your teeth move i was suppose to get mine off after 3 years but my teeth did not move fast enough so i have had them on for 4 years.

I had similar work done, mine had to be on for two years. Why don't you just ask your orthodontist when you see him next?

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