Question about wisdom teeth removal?!

Question: Question about wisdom teeth removal?
So I am probably going to get my wisdom teeth removed in the next few weeks. I don't have issues with surgeries (I have had three before), but the whole thing about laughing gas kinda frightens me. Are you really in no control of your behavior afterwords? Do I have an option to go under anesthesia versus that laughing gas. I just don't want to look like a fool after the surgery, as dumb as that may sound.

I am 17 btw. Is the pain bad and how long does the swelling usually last (on average).


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if you are having a surgery, I think you will be given more than laughing gas.
Did you talk to the oral surgeon performing this procedure?
They would have more information than we would as different surgeons prefer different forms of anesthetic.
I had a tooth cut out and I was numbed with anesthetic injected directly into and around the tooth area and never got laughing gas. Never got anything that was inhaled, just the injected Novocain and it worked just fine.
Yup it hurt and was swollen for about a week, obviously a little better each day.
As to how bad the pain was, I had no pain during the procedure; thats the point of the Novocaine.
I had to be careful not to eat anything hard or crunchy and ate softer foods just because it was easier. The stitches all dissolved after a week or so and I had no further problems.
It wasn't a wisdom tooth though. I have all of mine yet as I have no problems with them.

Hi there hopefully I can help - They may offer you Inhalation Sedation as an option, this is Nitrous Oxide combined with Oxygen, it is a muscle relaxant and analgesic but isnt known as laughing gas anymore as such. If it is this sedation then you are in control at all times of your behaviour, as soon as they turn down the Nitrous Oxide and up the Oxygen it is out of your system immediately and you are not sedated. The effects are at their peak during your procedure. You may have the option of going under with a GA but their are side effects and health risks with this. You can ask for Intravenous sedation which is much stronger than Inhalation and makes you feel more sleepy.
The pain lasts up to 3 days and the swelling can last up to a week. Take regular painkillers every 4 hours and this will keep it under control.

I am a dental nurse in Oral Surgery

Doubt they will any gas at all, I've never seen it used in my life on anyone, I think that's just a fib to get you in the chair thinking you'll be all too happy to care or feel anything.

The greatest pain, is when they stick that big needle into the roof of your mouth and squeeze the Novocaine in, better close your eyes when they say "open wide", you don't want to see that one coming.

After that the worst is over, you don't feel much pain when they work on you.

However I can tell you the worst tooth pain is and something to be totally avoided.

If you don't take care of your teeth and get routine checkups and fillings, a cavity will eat so far into your tooth that it can't be simply drilled and filled. The nerve gets infected and starts to die, the pain is incredible and you will beg the dentist to see you right away.

Nothing, repeat NOTHING can stop that pain, no matter what medicine you use!

If you can't see him, like over a holiday weekend or far away, then you suffer with no sleep and more pain, the swelling starts and the tooth begins to pop out of your mouth!

The nerve infection spreads up your face and if you don't hurry and spend thousands of dollars to get a root canal and a crown, you will lose the tooth. Of course they could pull it for less, but then you got one less tooth to chew food with.

If you crack a tooth, see the dentist that day! Because if food gets in the crack, it will kill the nerve. The dentist can fill it with a temp to keep the food and bacteria out.

I know we tend not to bother with things unless it's a emergency, but with your teeth, it's best to take great care of them routinely.

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