how do can I get white teeth!?!?!

Question: How do can I get white teeth!?!?
I'm 15 I've had yellow teeth ever since my deciduous teeth fell out, I brush twice sometimes three times a day every day, I use mouthwash whitening toothpaste and nothing works. everyone in my family have white teeth except for me. It makes me conscious and feel very awkward every time I smile and show my teeth, don't say get whitening strips or go to your dentist because I'm 15 and I don't have money to spend on that.
what can I do!?!?


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I've been using a natural product I found on the web and I would for sure recommend it. I had tried a peroxide thing and got canker soars from it. The natural one I'm using now is made from neem by a guy in India who figured out how to extract some serious whitening properties from it. So far the tea stains I've had are just about gone and I've only been using it for about a week. This is the site I goit it from.

my friend used to rinse her mouth with hydrogen peroxide (do NOT swallow). It worked somewhat, but honestly, if you can talk your mom into giving you 30 dollars, the crest white strips will work WONDERS.
I know you said not to say that, but if you want white teeth it is the cheapest and BEST way to go. the regular ones (that you leave on for 30mins at a time) will make your teeth BRIGHT WHITE after the first 3 uses! I know because I've used them.

Do you smoke or drink lots of coffee?
You should cut back on those if you do.
People say brushing Olive Oil on your teeth works, same goes for Bicarbonate Soda works too.
And if you don't already have one, you should ask for a whitening toothbrush like this;

I hope that helped a bit..

DEFFINATELY Crest 3D Vivid White Strips. I have them, they work AMAZING. There only 30 dollars.

But if you can't but it, baking soda once a week. Get some, than mix it with a little water, than brush your teeth with that. works good

I like using the electric powered toothbrush as I feel it does a way better job then I can do.

crest teeth whitener

brush is your only option

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