What should I eat after getting my wisdom teeth r removed?!

Question: What should I eat after getting my wisdom teeth r removed?
Ok so I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I can't even put a little pressure on my teeth (they got banged up a bit) and I'm tired of soup, pudding, and icies. Is there anything else that I could eat!?


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i lived off of soup and smoothies when i got my wisdom teeth removed lol. just stick with it, it's not forever.

I wouldn't if i were you. Best to let that thing heal up quickly.
Just drink a lot, it will take your mind of food while it's healing. Drink lots of things, fruit shakes, normal juice, energy drinks, etc.

ice cream, jello, pudding, apple sause, otter pops, soup, oatmeal, grits, i ate mashed potatoes acouple days after make sure they arent really hot.

just had 4 teeth pulled 3 days ago

applesauce mashed potatoes cheese peanutbutter sandwhich cake salami noodles with butter or spaghetti milkshakes ice cream
thats what i eat since i have braces >:(

Smoothies. More soup. Pudding.

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