Loose Front Teeth at Night?!

Question: Loose Front Teeth at Night?
During the day my teeth seem OK and are pretty sturdy but at around midnight they start to feel strange (not painful, I can't really describe the feeling but I know it is there) and they feel slightly wobbly. This worries me because I am 15 years old and haven't even had my first kiss! And nobody wants to kiss a girl with false teeth!
I went through a time back 3 years ago when I started the high school, and I had to leave the house at 8am, which I wasn't used to. I would always be in a rush and would forget to brush my teeth and when I did, I could never do it properly or I would be late. My gums would bleed but I never thought anything of it and after 2 years I got into a routine and started brushing them properly. My gums no longer bleed and as I have said, they feel pretty sturdy by day, but the front ones feel very loose at around midnight-ish.
My bottom teeth also look weirdly long and they are widely spaced. They have ever since the adult ones came out, so I never really thought about it, I thought it was normal. But could my problem be that my gums are receeding or that my teeth are naturally top-heavy? I know nothing about dentistry so I am just guessing.
I was wondering whether this could be something natural since I have never used them this late. Or whether a dentist may be able to fix this problem. I do hope it can be fixed. Please give me an answer quickly because I am getting worried


If you're not being delusional, then it's best to think they're just growing in the night.
But i would advice visiting a dentist and get a professional take on it.

floss and brush twice. let the toothpaste sit on teeth a minute before rinsing. fluoride is the only known thing that fights cavities. fluoride rinse helps.

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