Do u ever like forget to breath?!

Question: Do u ever like forget to breath?
Like I'll be like thinking and then like all of the sudden take a big gasp cause like I forget to like breath


nope...u must be a very focused thinker haha

Breathing is a function that you don't have to think about, like your heart pumping and your organs working, its automatic for those who have a good breathing capacity, this is in fact impossible to forget to breath unless you have some sort of respiratory disorder where you can't breath on your own.

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although we can, but we dont control our breathing. its controlled by the subconscious mind and the brain knows to breathe no matter what.

this is why people who learn swimming have the problem of drinking water when they dive. it takes a while for the brain to understand we are not supposed to inhale in water.

you cannot imagine the death rate if people forgot to breathe. and ofcourse, Alzheimer's patients would die before being diagnosed

alot of people do that. i do it while im lifting weights, i tend to hold my breath.


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