Extreme Braces Problems?!

Question: Extreme Braces Problems?
'Sigh' I had 2 get braces and there a real ugly colour(blue and yellow YUCK) I also had 2 get headgear with them, heres wat the headgear looks like(exacltly like this but this is not me i was just looking for ones that looked like it and i found it) http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http:…

Wat do u think of it i have 2 wear it only at night but im going 2 a sleepover soon and i want 2 know just hiw ugly they r.


i dont have headgear but during my consoletation my orthodontist i didnt have the wear headgear(if i got it) at a sleepover unless i wanted to so you dont have to wear it at your sleepover

Well, it's pretty big, but don't worry. Just enjoy yourself at the sleepover, and don't worry what people will think about your headgear. Just have fun!!

You don't have to wear it at a sleepover if you don't want to.

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