Roch On My Toothbrush?!?!

Question: Roch On My Toothbrush?!?
I am totally grossed out right now. I literally have goosbumps right now.
I was on the toilet urinating, and as I go to reach back for a Spare Toilet paper, I see a Freakin Huge Roach munching on my Toothbrush !!
I live in florida, and Its normal to see roaches especially if you live in a House but OMG!! not on my toothbrush !!
I am totally disgusted right now...
No wonder for the past 2 weeks Ive been tasting a Wierd taste in my mouth...
My throat was hurting like crazy too for the past week going to my chest too.

Ive been having fevers too lately, but I didnt know why?
I know I have to throw it away, and I'll probably end up buying a Sanitizer for the new brush but ewwwwwww.
this is totally grossing me out I feel like puking.


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Yes keep it out of harms way
And get a new brush

Nothing to do. You are safe anyway, and the sore throat wasn't caused by this. Roaches are gross, but typically don't actually cause much harm. You need to control the roaches in your house obviously. Also, I suggest you get a travel case for your toothbrush. Very cheap, a dollar if that. It is a plastic box you put your toothbrush in. That way, no problems.

haha gross

My handy words of advice would be to get a new toothbrush, but that's just me.

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