is it a good idea to get dental sealant?!

Question: Is it a good idea to get dental sealant?
i am thinking about it, but i have read a few stories of people getting cavities under the sealant.

so i am not sure. what do you think? thanks.


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Fissure sealants are great - I have them
I had deep grooves in my molars which are impossible to keep clean and therefore prone to decay. I had my sealants done about 7 years ago and I wouldn't change a thing

The pros's outweigh any cons. If a person gets cavities under sealants there is likely two reasons, improper placement of the sealant, and that there was already decay and the sealant is placed over it. They are great for filling in pits and fissures where your toothbrush can't reach, and often they prevent decay in those areas, they're also pretty cheap.

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