Is fluoride good for me my government says it's good for my teeth?!

Question: Is fluoride good for me my government says it's good for my teeth?

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Fluoride, in small concentrations, helps to strengthen tooth enamel and lower the incidence of cavities. This is a fact of chemistry. The easiest way to get it into your system is to add it to municipal and bottled drinking water, but it must be carefully regulated. Too much can cause mottling (stains) of the teeth and other side effects. It's like many other things added to our consumables - a little bit is very beneficial; too much is harmful. The amounts regulated in drinking water and in toothpastes are very beneficial.

Dental health is related to overall health, and problems with your teeth can affect your whole system, resulting in medical expenses and poor health. This is why many governments have stepped in and mandated fluoridation of municipal drinking water.

Retired chemistry teacher

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