Spaces between teeth?!

Question: Spaces between teeth?
I hadn't gone to the dentist in a really long time but I finally went and he removed all the plaque, and now there are tiny spaces in between the bottom front teeth. Will those go away?


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To make sure that you do not get any cavities, you need to remove any plaque that covers your teeth. Plaque is the thin film that forms on your teeth and comprises of dead and living bacteria. If you neglect the plaque formed on your teeth, it hardens and forms tartar which is usually difficult to remove and more damaging. Both plaque and tartar are responsible for any cavities and gum diseases that you may have. If this is left unattended for a longer period, it can lead to more damage. It causes gum diseases, leading to bleeding and inflammation. It could also damage the bone that is responsible for keeping the roots of the teeth in place. Plaque is caused due to some unhealthy choices that we make as far as what we eat is concerned. The starchy and sugary food we consume causes plaque. Plaque is also caused due to incorrect brushing techniques, heredity reasons, and if a person does not floss his/her teeth.

Undoubtedly, the most questions are thus: “How to remove plaque buildup on teeth?” and “How to soften tartar?” Well, you need not worry about how to remove plaque buildup on your teeth or how to soften plaque. In fact, if you are successful in preventing plaque buildup, you will not have to worry about “How to get rid of tartar on the teeth at home” and “How to soften tartar?” This is because, as mentioned earlier, tartar results from the hardening of plaque; hence, if you can get rid of plaque, you won’t need to worry about tarter.

There are many home remedies for removing plaque. Of course, the best thing that you can do to remove plaque is to brush your teeth well. Also, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. Ensure that your toothpaste contains anti-plaque and anti-tartar agents. Also, while brushing your teeth spend extra time and brush your teeth that are closer to your salivary glands. This could be beneficial in slowing the process of tartar formation. Also, make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles that are rounded.

How to get rid of plaque on teeth at home and natural remedies for tartar: There are many effective home remedies that you can use if you are wondering how to remove plaque buildup on teeth or if you are looking for home remedies to remove tartar from your teeth.

One remedy that really works is including spicy food in your diet. Spicy food causes your salivary glands to stimulate and produce saliva to ensure that your gums and teeth are clean and able to fight decay. Another effective home remedy to remove tartar from your teeth involves the intake of vitamin C. Apply the juice of tomatoes or strawberries on your teeth. Then, wash it off after leaving it on for approximately five minutes. You can add baking soda to the warm water used to wash it off. Rubbing the peel of an orange directly onto your teeth and leaving it overnight is another great home remedy to fight microorganisms and remove plaque buildup on your teeth. Also, eating an apple one hour after your meal helps. This ensures that your teeth remain clean and your gums healthy. You can substitute apples with watermelons or muskmelons, which are as effective.

As mentioned before, if you are wondering about how to get rid of plaque buildup on your teeth and at home, you have no reason to worry. You can start by making your mouthwash at home. Take a cup of water and add about half a cup baking soda to it. Then, add aloe vera gel (one teaspoon), vegetable glycerin (four teaspoons), and lemon essential oil (ten drops) to it. Mix this well and store the liquid in a bottle. You can use this homemade mouthwash regularly to prevent and remove plaque buildup on your teeth. To soften plaque, add a tablespoon of baking powder to one cup of water, and add a small pinch of salt to it as well. Use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with this solution.

You could also dip your toothbrush directly into some baking powder and use it to brush your teeth. Black tea (powdered) can also be used to brush your teeth, and it makes for a great remedy to remove plaque and tartar. The fluoride in the black tea helps in suppressing the growth of bacteria that is responsible for bacterial plaque. You can also use a mixture of salt and vinegar to remove tartar. Mix both these with caution and make a paste. You could use this paste to brush your teeth. You may also use diluted vinegar to gargle. Diluted vinegar helps kill bacteria and keeps your mouth fresh.

Lastly, stay away from chips and opt for cheese. Consuming some cheese (five grams) just before your meals helps in the elimination of acid plaque production. It is important that you eat a cheese that is aged such as cheddar as it is believed to perform the job of a buffering agent.


no those spaces will not go completely but the space might decrease if you keep your gums healthy by flossing and regular brushing.

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