how long do braces/ spacers and teeth removal take?!

Question: How long do braces/ spacers and teeth removal take?
whats the MAXimum time it takes to get 2 adult teeeth removed?
Whats the maximum time it takes to get spacers?
wats the time limit to get braceS?
tHanks :D


For me.. I got an appointment to get 4 teeth removed. 2 weeks later, I got my spacers in. 1 week later I got my braces... And usually, depending on your teeth, the braces will stay on for about 1-2 years ;)

So about a month for teeth removal and spacers
And then 1-2 years for braces.

------ I was super excited to get my braces.. But once you have them, you just want them off.

Hope I helped

Personal experience

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