Broken Bracket, what should i do?!

Question: Broken Bracket, what should i do?
My bracket just broke off and my next appointment, since my last appointment in september, is friday. The bracket that broke off was on my molar and there is about an inch of free moving wire. I have a party to go to tomorrow (sunday) and i have school. plus i don't think it would matter but there aren't any orthodontic appointments that last more than a day right? because i'm gonna go with my aunt and cousins to our cabin up in the mountains for the weekend.


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I think it is better to get your bracket fixed because as you have your brackets on it keeps your teeth in a certain place and when it is broken it loosen it up which lets your teeth to move back to it original place. This happens when you are sleeping and when it back to it original place and depends on how fast your teeth move, you might have to have them on longer.

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