Questions about wisdom teeth?!

Question: Questions about wisdom teeth?
My dentist showed me an xray of my teeth, all 4 wisdom teeth came in. he said theres absolutely no problems with them now. but he didnt tell me if they stopped growing. My questions are........can you get tooth decay on a wisdom tooth when its under the gums??? Does it hurt getting them pulled?? And how long do they grow????


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You cannot get decay if your tooth is fully under the gum as it is not contact with foods etc, however is a small edge of it appears to poke through gum or half of it then yes it can become decayed as you are unable to clean it fully due to it being unerupted. It doesnt hurt getting them extracted as you are numbed up fully and will only feel sensations but not pain. Your wisdom teeth grow from the age of 9 in the jaw bone and erupt fully between 18-25.

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First yes you can get tooth decay on a wisdom teeth when it is under your gums. When it is under your gums, there is a need to cut into your gums to remove the teeth or at least to a hold of the teeth with the instruments. If there is shots involved it would hurt less and some people are put to sleep which is better because you wouldn't be moving around. As for how long they grow depends on the person, some people would never see their wisdom teeth while some people have all four them or two. There are even some that you can only see the top

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