Can an X-Ray at 13 see the wisdom teeth?!

Question: Can an X-Ray at 13 see the wisdom teeth?
The last time I went to my dentist I heard her say I was "getting my wisdom teeth when I'm 21" I'm only thirteen at the time of the X-Ray. So does that mean she can see my wisdom teeth?


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Yes an Ortho Pantomo Graph which is called an OPT for short or an OPG will show your full jaw upper and lower, your wisdom teeth are present and under the bone at 13 so she would have been able to identify them easily, when you go back ask to see it as it is very interesting. Your wisdom teeth can erupt anytime between the age of 18-25. Some people have al 4 and others have 2 or sometimes none.

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I'm not entirely sure anyone can predict when wisdom teeth will grow in or how they will grow in. Some people's wisdom teeth never come in. some people, like me, have their wisdom teeth come in sideways at age 16 and have to get them removed. Might want to talk to your mother about calling the doc.

only if they're there. I never got mine

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