My insurance won't pay for braces and my parents don't have the money.!

Question: My insurance won't pay for braces and my parents don't have the money. What do I do?
Before I even explain this I just want to say that there IS NO MONEY FOR BRACES, if you doubled my family's income we would be AT the poverty line. If they could afford my braces I would have gotten them years ago.

Anyway, I have a tooth condition that caused all of my baby teeth to have roots. It made it so difficult for me to pull my baby teeth that the last one I pulled I pulled with needle nose pliers. Because I couldn't pull my teeth when they were ready and the dentist refused to help I have my front two teeth in the shape of a v, the gum sticks out at the tip of the v and often gets cut or raw when I eat crunchy foods.

My top right canine tooth *the one behind the baby tooth I pulled with pliers* is behind the other teeth so far you could almost fit another one in front of it and have it in the correct position. This canine tooth often cuts my tongue when I eat or chew gum. IT HURTS. I also have spaces in my teeth and a few more teeth are slightly crooked as well.

My insurance is supposed to pay for braces if your teeth score a 12 or above on some scale. Mine scored a 32 on it and they refused. We took them to court over it and they said that the Orthodontist was a quack IN COURT and refused to pay. I need braces badly, I don't care how they look and I don't care if they hurt, my teeth cause me daily pain and I can't take it anymore.

According to the laws in my state I can't take them to court again but I need braces badly. Should I try to get another orthodontist to apply for my braces? Please help me out here, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!


Definitely get another orthodontist! Or maybe switch insurance companies (if you can). If there is absolutely no way you can get your braces through insurance, the only way left is to get a job and slowly save >.< Good luck~

that sounds rediculous. But yes either get a new orthodontist, and reapply or change insurers. You can't submit the same case in court, but if you change your orthodontist, you probably can. since it was thrown out for his practice. I would get legal advise next time you go to court.


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