my mouth has rough spots i think its from salt and vinager chips?!

Question: My mouth has rough spots i think its from salt and vinager chips?
i had ate salt and vinager chips late last night and noticed my mouth started to burn now i have rough spots in my mouth around my lips in the inside if i pull my lips up you can see it . it just feels like sand paper and it looks like its been burned and its white in color can this happen from sea salt vinger chips just worried ? i ate alot of them thanks for your comments


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Yes that happens when you eat too many.

Yes, salt and vinegar flavored chips does this to you if you have too many, the chips are taking revenge. - I'm kidding about the revenge bit.. It normally goes away in a couple of days, vasaline or other lip balms help your lips get better, and there is a special cream out there for it if it gets worse, but as i said, it should go in a few days. Ask your doctor if it gets worse, hope i helped.

I have had something similar happen from eating salt and vinegar chips. It should go away in a day or two.

I think it will regress on its on its own if u stop eating them.

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