Teeth Crowns on the NHS?!

Question: Teeth Crowns on the NHS?
Okay so I'm 17 and I'm a full time student and I can't stand my teeth what so ever and I was wondering does the NHS cover crowns, also would crowns be able to fix an openbite?


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NHS dentistry provides crowns as part of a treatment to save a tooth, NOT for cosmetic purposes.

If you are under 18 and or a full time student then the NHS covers ALL dental work for you, You are exempt fro paying, this includes crowns and veneers and basically anything. Go to an NHS dentist and ask what restorative work would best suit your mouth and what they recommend,
You can then proceed and even if it takes a year to finish the work you will stop not pay as you were exempt from the start date of the NHS treatment .

UK Dental Nurse

Crowns can be done on the NHS, but only if needed - if a tooth was broken in half, for example. The NHS won't do crowns on a purely cosmetic basis. There would still be a cost involved, though, but it wouldn't be as much as getting them done private (the NHS has a maximum charge for a course of treatment).

You would have to get the crowns done privately if it was for cosmetic reasons.

as to whether crowns can sort an openbite, I don't know.

If you feel you have an overbite that needs to be dealt with then you need to see your own dentist and discuss whether you will meet the criteria for orthodontics on the NHS which you can have if you are under 19 and in full time education. But it is a scoring system and you have to have genuine clinical need and not a cosmetic need.

Crowns are meant to be available on the NHS but whether you can find a dentist to provide them on the NHS is another question as it is not now cost effective for them to make them as the time to prep and produce study models and laboratory fees for making crowns means that the fee paid is not enough to cover it.

Yes, as student it would be free for you at point od contact but he gets a NHS fee that does not justify the work load concerned.

Anyway, guessing on here is not the answer as you do need to talk to your own dentist.

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