I just recently got my tragus pierced 3 days ago?!

Question: I just recently got my tragus pierced 3 days ago?
And I have a dentist appointment next week. My worry is, what if they have to take x-rays of my mouth? Do I have to take out my piercing? Or can I just leave it in? Will it interfere with the x-ray?


I depends on what there doing, if there taking a PAN then yes theyll probably ask you to take it out. if there taking a FMX or BWX then no you dont need to.

Dental assistant

I doubt it will interfere with dental x-rays. However, depending on the type of x-ray machine they use, it might. Since that is located directly in front of the ear, yo should be OK.

The radiographer will ask you to remove all metal objects such as necklaces and earrings as
they interfere with the quality of the images.

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