Wisdom tooth dry socket?!

Question: Wisdom tooth dry socket?
My left bottom hole has something white in it and it just started to hurt last night. I got all 4 wisdom teeth taking out on Friday and had no pain till last night. Does this sound like a dry socket or is it just healing? I only been eating apple sauce, tomato soup, yogurt, pudding, and milk shakes. Also I have a slight headache.


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As you extractions were only on Friday this is normal and expected. The pain normally peaks at 3-4 days afterward so this seems about right. Continue to take regular painkillers and rinse with saltwater to keep your mouth clean and the sockets free from food debris. If the pain gets under control but then starts again say on Wednesday then this is the sign of a dry socket. The painkillers will ease your headache also. Remember eat before taking the meds and eat soft foods.

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Symptoms and timing are not that of dry socket, this white coat is not uncommon, may be tiny food remnants, just a warm saline mouth wash will fix this
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