Used cousins toothbrush??? Is this bad?!

Question: Used cousins toothbrush??? Is this bad?
So last night I slept over at my cousins house and i completely forgot a toothbrush. AND i hadnt brushed my teeth that morning, so it had been 24 hours since my last brushing. My cousin (10 years old) said she had one that she had only used like 5 times since she got a new one after from the dentist, so i washed it off and used that. Is this really bad? Will i get an infection or something??


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Nooo.. don't worry and especially because he is only a child it won't do any harm. It has happened to me either accidentally or in purpose to brush my teeth with somebody's else toothbrush and I am alive no infection no nothing :)
Don't worry... Be happy :P

Well it's not bad if its not a habit just kinda gross to think about it...
But we've all done it at some point, it's better than having stinky breath haha :)

I brush my teeth twice a day but I know people at work that are crazy about it and brush after eating.

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