I used hydrogen peroxide on the side of my lip?!

Question: I used hydrogen peroxide on the side of my lip?
When i had an infection and i wanted to kill any bacteria. Well i accidentally put to much pressure with the q-tip (which had hydrogen peroxide) either that or i left it on to long but it left a white stain on my lip and it hasnt gone away is my lip ever goin to return to its natural red color?


the hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, so as you have noticed, it has bleached your lip white. Normally it is permanent when using on things like hair but luckily your mouth is the fastest healing part of the body. therefore, i would wait a few weeks and it should start to return back to normal.

it can be poisonous, so if you see any swelling or feel any pain, i would advise consulting your doctor quickly. if there isn't any pain, just wade it out and it'll slowly replenish back to a blossoming red colour!

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