Hi, I'm going to get braces soon and I play the oboe.?!

Question: Hi, I'm going to get braces soon and I play the oboe.?
Can you tuck your lips under your teeth properly? And do the braces effect the sound?


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I'm an oboe major in college- had braces during my MS years while I was playing it- when they go on, it'll hurt- bad- no question about it. Sometimes people find it easier on them if you go down a reed hardness so you don't have to increase the pressure on hard reeds,etc. The ortho gives you hunks of wax to cover any part of them if you feel a part wedging into your gums, etc, but it shouldnt happen. I never had a problem- this would be different if you were a brass player- they run into issues.

And remember, you wont have them forever!


its fine, it wont effect the sound.. i play saxaphone and my braces dont effect the sound in any way :)
and in the first few days its hard to get used to them but you will :)

You will be fine. It might take you a while to get used to the whole feeling but in time you will be the star player you are now. :)

Me, RDA :)

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