Snap-on smile - cost? Does it cover ALL teeth?!

Question: Snap-on smile - cost? Does it cover ALL teeth?
I just want to cover a space between my 2 front teeth. The rest of my teeth are perfect. Do I need the entire front row for snap-on smile?...or can I just get the 2 front teeth? About how much does it cost? I tried to find prices online, but can't seem to get a straight answer. Thanks! :)


If you are interested in getting an Snap-On Smile you can have it made to cover your front 4 to 6 teeth instead of a full arch. You should call local dentists who prescribe snap-on smile to get their quotes to find the price that fits your budget. Or if you call 1-800-607-1129 you can speak to a customer rep to get a price and a payment plan, plus help you find a dentist near you.
Good luck!

Honey, snap-on smile is expensive. Figure about $1500. Since you only have the one gap, you may be able to get a permanent fix that will work 24 hours a day for that kind of money (caps).

Snap on smile is not a real fix. Think of it as makeup for your teeth. It goes on, and then it comes off. It works for actors and other people who need it only occasionally or only part of the day, but it doesn't correct any problem with your teeth.

Like another user said its expensive, and why not just get the gap between your teeth filled by a dentist? The snap on smiles are only meant for pictures, etc. They would NOT be something good to wear all day as they would mess up your bite and could cause other problems. Maybe get a consult to see if they could use filling material or veneers to fix the gap!

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